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    Gucci Houdan Pump
    Marmont Fringe Platform
    MAC Viva Glam I Lipstick
    Creme de La Mer
    J. Crew Everyday Chambray Shirt
    Valentino Born in Roma Eau de Parfum
    Molly Goddard Top
    Gucci Belt Bag
    Off-White PVC Belt
    Gucci Ophidia Round Bag
    Casio Digital Watch
    Clarisonic MIA Smart

    How to find your personal style

    I don’t believe I’m known for having an identifiable uniform look that I turn to time and time again. So, I’m unsure if I am the right person to talk about this subject. However, here are ways to find your…

    Sustainable Fashion Tips

    Sustainability in fashion has become the “buzz”word of the year, but what are other ways to partake in sustainable fashion without stepping foot into a thrift store. Well, here are some sustainable fashion tips you may not have thought about.…

    Oversized Wool Blanket Poncho

    Another ensemble that keeps you stylish as well as warm during winter is an oversized wool blanket poncho. Talk about making a statement without trying too hard! Very versatile and can be paired with other clothing items in your closet.…

    A Pauline Trigere coat

    A colorful coat is a great way to stand out among a sea of black jackets. It’s also a fuss free way to look stylish during the winter. This oldie but goodie vintage eighties Pauline Trigere coat (last worn here) is…

    A decade in review

    I wanted to write a treatise on this decade in review, however it seemed all so repetitive so I will touch on the things that I found most interesting that happened in fashion over the past decade. Here is this…