How to find your personal style

We are facing uncertain times. This post has been in the works for more than a month prior to the current state of affairs. Life came in the way as I was trying to write content, so had to put this on hold to focus. This shoot took place in fall 2019, I just want to make it clear that I'm not out there shooting content when everyone has been mandated to say home in light of the COVID-19 situation that is currently facing the citizens of the world. Thank you so much for reading and stay safe friends.
find your personal style

I don’t believe I’m known for having an identifiable uniform look that I turn to time and time again. So, I’m unsure if I am the right person to talk about this subject. However, here are ways to find your personal style:

Define your style

This one can might be easier said than done. Define your style in three words and dress around that. Elegant, Quirky and Experimental is how I would define my personal style and how I choose to dress always falls under these elements.

Be patient, it takes time

In order to find your personal style, you have to be willing to experiment until you find a look that clicks. It’s okay to try different things along the way. What designers, do you get excited about, if you are into the whole Gucci look then you might be a maximalist or if you like the new Bottega, then you may very well be a minimalist. Then try to find clothing inspired by those looks, through trial and error you should be able to have a feel for what you are most comfortable in. Be patient, It can take some time to experiment and then perfect your personal style.

Don’t copy anyone

Find what works for you and don’t try to base your style on an influencer. You will be unable to achieve your own style if you are bent on copying someone else. Personally, the best style comes from persons with inimitable style, you can be inspired by elements of their style but it can be very hard to duplicate exactly. One way that I have used to develop my own style signature is by building my wardrobe on statement one of a kind pieces that are not trend driven. Pieces that I can combine with “normal” clothing items. Though it turns out that sometimes those pieces become trendy again, like my vintage nineties Iceberg leather jacket purchased fifteen years ago which is perfect for the spring leather trend.

Don’t invest in trends

Similar to don’t copy anyone. If you want to find your own personal style you may want to stop trying to be like the Jonses’.  Forget about chasing after trends. Trends are so fast these days, particularly with instagram, a lot of clothing items get out dated under a month. Keeping up with trends can become very stressful and expensive, I don’t think it’s worth it to obsess over a certain item that everyone has and then after you have purchased, you noticed all of a sudden, that everyone has moved on to the next hot item. Buy a trendy item only if you feel it fits into your personal style overall and you will continue to incorporate item into your wardrobe for a while.

It’s okay if your style evolves

As human beings, we evolve throughout our lives. And so does our sense of style. It is to be expected as part of personal growth that your style evolves. Embrace the stages of life, you might like certain things but at some other point decide that It no longer works and find something else better along the way. When I started this blog, my look was all over the place but its starting to be a bit more cohesive and its okay if I change along the way.

Dress for yourself

This one can be a bit hard to do in real life. I still struggle with this especially living out here in the Midwest, where there is a lot of expectations to conform. If I decide to embrace my personal sense of style, how will others perceive me. Will I be seen as uppity or an oddball? Will I be crucified? The answer here is to do whatever that makes you happy. Dress to please yourself and yourself alone.

find your personal style
find your personal style
EQUIPMENT: Signature Silk Blouse (here or here) ICEBERG: Vintage Leather Jacket similar here BELT: Old MANGO: Corduroy Khaki Wide Leg Pants similar here or here COACH: Leopard Print Block Heel Booties similar here, here, here or here MAC COSMETICS: Nyma Tang Lipstick sold out similar here or here

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  1. April 11, 2020 / 2:30 pm

    Well written my dear ! I have been on a crusade promoting personal style for several years now . As a stylist , fashion journalist and blogger I am so happy to have discovered your blog . Great style ! Let’s make a connection!
    J. Andrew Jackson

    • Ifeoma
      April 11, 2020 / 5:04 pm

      Thanks so much for stopping by, I’ll be sure to check out your blog!