How to re-wear special occasion clothing

rewear special occasion clothing

Most of us have this issue, we own clothing that may be a little too fancy.  For instance, an item of clothing that was purchased for a special occasion but banished right after to the back of the closet never to see the light of day again. Clothes that we feel that cannot be re-worn beyond a special occasion. Maybe its being saved for another special occasion that never seems to ever surface. Or we choose to move on when we acquire another attire because we don’t want to be caught repeating the same outfit.

Instead of allowing special occasion clothing to collect dust at the back of our closets, It is acceptable to reach out for fancy clothes from time to time in order to re-wear special occasion clothing. The simple way to do this is to use it for a non-special occasion.  

But, how can one re-wear special occasion clothing without looking too fancy. There are a couple of ways to go about this. The first solution is to re-style by alterations.  This may involve converting a longer silhouette into a shorter hemline which may require an alterations expert if you’re unable to sew. Honestly, alterations get expensive, so the next best option is to re-style fancy items by pairing them with the most basic clothing items. By basic, I mean those essential items of clothing that everyone can easily find in their closet. Think rock/concert t-shirt, white t-shirt, white button-up shirt, chambray button-up shirt or denim jackets. This is exactly the route that I intended to go with my vintage Steve Stolman ball skirt. I paired an old american apparel white crop top and choose PVC Sophia Webster Dina sandals flats rather than heels to add a casual yet elevated element to this silk ball skirt. Perfect for a romantic stroll around the garden. Who says that you need a fancy ball to wear a ball skirt.

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