Modest Fashion: Fad or Forever

Modest Fashion

Modest fashion has being in full swing for a few seasons now and the wave doesn’t appear to be ending soon.  Everyone jumps in to use the umbrella term “modest”, but in all actuality the definition is quite ambiguous since it holds a different meaning to each individual.

Modesty for the most part may be a code of conduct requirement in some religious practices.  Certain religions or cultures have rules as to certain parts of the body that needs to be covered for the purposes of modesty. On the other end of the spectrum, personal preference may contribute to how an individual views modesty. Every individual has an area of their body that they may be more or less comfortable with, which may dictate their style of dress.

It is hard to pinpoint exactly the driving force behind the modesty trend. First, It could be the economy. Hemlines are known to rise during an economic downturn so it is safe to assume that with the relatively stable economy, fashion hemlines have fallen again.  Second, the possible influence of the eighties trend, the fashion world is clearly having an eighties moment. From the popularity of the statement sleeve to the ubiquitous prairie dress, all screams more is more of the eighties. Finally, the democratization of fashion, due to the proliferation of social media, everyone wants to be fashionable irrespective of their specific dress code.  So, the fashion industry has to adapt hence the creation of brands to cater to this niche. The Modist, a website that sells high-end designer modest clothing comes to mind. Also, I believe that the rise of the Hijabi supermodel, modest yet edgy at the same time while covered head to toe is a direct response to the trend.

Personally, my style tends to gravitate towards modesty in the fall out of necessity because the climate of the Midwest requires it.  Also, I have found that with the demure look, I am able to get more bang for my buck with more clothing items that are versatile as there tend to be more styling options. Switch up your accessories, and these clothing items can be worn day or night.  For my first official post of the fall, I am wearing my early eighties does Victorian inspired blouse with a H&M circle skirt last worn here.  Modest fashion, whether as a trend or as a movement that is here to stay remains to be seen.

Modest Fashion
Modest Fashion
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