Oversized Wool Blanket Poncho

Another ensemble that keeps you stylish as well as warm during winter is an oversized wool blanket poncho. Talk about making a statement without trying too hard! Very versatile and can be paired with other clothing items in your closet. Wool blanket Ponchos had a heyday in the seventies, but when I found mine six years ago, it was unique to me, since at that point in time, I hadn’t seen anyone else wearing one. I’m so glad I had the inclination against getting rid of it though I was quite close to selling it after it made an appearance all the way back in 2014, for my post, Midwest Americana. The wool blanket poncho is reversible. So, this time around I decided to wear the plaid side.

Another reason to shop vintage is that Vintage fashion sets the trends. In this day and age, It’s quite difficult for designers to come up with anything new, everything (design wise) seems to have been done which have led them to turn to vintage fashion. I suspect that before each collection most of the designers consult with a vintage dealer then purchase a few pieces to inspire their new designs if not outright copy these designs.  And one of the designers who appears to be heavily influenced by vintage nostalgia is Gucci designer, Alessandro Michelle with his thrift store aesthetic. Season after season most of his designs are retro-laden, they look like thrift store clothes except they cost much more.  

Earlier during the month, I was browsing clothing online for sales, when I happened to run into this Gucci Wool Blanket poncho, I had to do a double take as I couldn’t believe it, it looked eerily similar to my own poncho, reversible plaid details and all except for logos.

I guess a lesson here is to keep an open mind when you go thrift or vintage shopping, and learn to spot unique items. You never know what you will find. You may end up with an item that may be on the way to be trendy all over again.

Wool Blanket Poncho
Wool Blanket Poncho
Wool Blanket Poncho
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