Rollas Sailor Jeans

Rollas Sailor Jeans

Denim is one of those items that I had kinda given up on buying because they are so trendy. There are so many new cuts and styles that come about every three months that I have failed to keep up. I remember when everyone wore boot leg denim, it was a very flattering cut on most people and over fourteen years ago, everyone slowly moved on to skinny jeans. During that time period, I had over ten pairs of premium denim, I could get them for a good price at the Saks outlet back then. Unfortunately the style of denim then were mostly all low rise so over the past couple of years I had to get rid of most of them. Looking back, I can’t understand, how I was able to wear such uncomfortable jeans. Also, it has been interesting seeing a few of the same brand names go down in quality, when premium denim was at its peak fifteen years ago, you had really great quality jeans. I am afraid to say that the price has gone up and quality down.  

I would say that this is one the best time for jeans with high rise denim coming back in full force. Skinny jeans appear to be more popular in real life but is one of those silhouettes that tend to appear dated on the blogosphere, where everyone seems to have moved on to straight leg Jeans. It is just so hard to keep up with everyone else as I hate having to keep up. I don’t want to spend over two hundred dollars on a pair on jeans that will be declared out of style by a bunch of influencers in a couple of  months. My best advice for jeans is to find a style that works best for you in a brand that won’t break the bank.  

I have never being a huge fan of putting denim in the blog because to me denim is like casual clothes, I partially grew up in Southeastern Nigeria, West Africa, so dressing up to me does not equate denim. But I am working on it, particularly for the fall and winter since it gets brutally cold around this part of the country. I am still working on finding a brand that offers trendy quality cut without the price tag. 

In comes the sailor jean, one of the jean silhouettes that you often see on social media but rarely see in real life. I believe this style was popularized by the brand, Jesse Kamm, although it reminds me of the jeans that Jane Birkin wore in the seventies. So it does have that retro feel to it which is the reason why I was interested in them in the first place. The Rollas Sailor Jeans in Brigette Blue caught my eye online. I purchased because I don’t own any denim like it. To be warned, the rise is quite high, so be sure to get a size that is big enough.  if not, the jeans will be too tight on the belly when you sit. I decided to style them in double denim. Canadian tuxedos are nothing new on this blog and have been done in several iterations over the years (here and here). It never gets old.  I paired the Rollas Sailor Jean with the J. Crew Everyday Chambray shirt for a canadian tuxedo with a twist. 

Rollas High Waist Sailors Jeans
Rollas High Waist Sailor Jeans
Rollas High Waist Sailor Jeans
J.CREW Everyday Chambray Shirt ROLLAS Sailor Jeans (ligher version here) CASIO LA670WGA-IDF Digital Gold Tone Watch BY PALOMA PICASSO Belt Bag Similar here or here GIANVITO ROSSI Two-Tone Pumps similar here, here, here or here MAC COSMETICS Soar Lipstick VINTAGE Assorted Gold Bracelets similar here, here, here or here

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