Sustainable Fashion Tips

Sustainability in fashion has become the “buzz”word of the year, but what are other ways to partake in sustainable fashion without stepping foot into a thrift store. Well, here are some sustainable fashion tips you may not have thought about.

Invest in Timeless clothing

Avoid trendy clothing. Invest in items that can be worn well into the future. When you decide on clothing to purchase, look into clothes that are made of natural fabrics such as wool, cotton, silks and linen try to avoid polyester at all costs. Clothing made from natural fabrics tend to last longer and are much more comfortable than synthetic fabrics like polyester. This Kenneth Cole wool coat worn for this shoot I’ve had in my outerwear collection for sixteen years encompasses that timeless appeal due to the pinstripes.

Its chic to repeat

Buy clothes that you love and will be happy to wear over and over again. Find different ways of wearing the same garment makes dressing up fun. For more on this topic reread a post from last year (here)

Repair clothes

If you want clothing to last longer in your wardrobe, then you have to make an effort to take care of them. We have to find time to repair small flaws.  If for some reason, you loose a button on a garment rather than throwing it away due to a repairable minor damage, it will take only a few minutes to sew in another button, if its still a lot of work then consider sending it to alterations for repair.  

Clothing Swaps

Get a group of friends together for a clothing swap. Bring those gently used pieces of clothing that you are ready to part with hopefully for something else fabulous from your friends’ wardrobe. Remember another mans trash is someone else’s treasure.

Sell your gently used clothing

Make a little cash by selling your gently used clothing on the Poshmark or Ebay, then use the proceeds to buy something else on those apps if you wish. Poshmark and Ebay are a treasure trove for gently used clothing whether it be designer, contemporary or vintage. You will be sure to find something else that you will love. By buying and selling, you get to directly contribute to the circular economy which makes for sustainable fashion.

KENNETH COLE: longline Coat (old)(similar here or here) YVES SAINT LAURENT: Wool Jumpsuit (similar here or here) BEAUFILLE: Rodin Tulle Turtleneck Blouse VINTAGE: Belt GIANVITO ROSSI Two Tone Ankle Boots similar here, here or here MAC COSMETICS: Ruby Woo Lipstick